Are you looking for an agency who?

Strokes your ego?
Appeals to the whims of your team?
Tweaks everything to death?

If that’s the type of agency you’re looking for, one that most likely knows less about marketing than my dog, we are not the right agency for you. However if you want Legendary results quickly, keep reading…

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Most of what you read on ad agencies websites or in their dog and pony pitches is

Total Bullshit.

You know the type. They gush about their collaboration, their listing skills, their quest to understand your business and just how unique it is. The ones that try too hard to give you a warm fuzzy feeling, use corporate speak, blind you with abbreviations and technical terms but don’t actually know the first thing about sales.

We at Legendary Marketing have a different approach to effective marketing, and it’s one you may not like. While we love creating amazing campaigns for our partners, we don’t like a lot of the BS that goes with it. Like the owner’s spouse telling us she doesn’t like the typestyle we chose, wants less copy or that the logo should be bigger. Or the CEO saying he needs to run our campaign past 12 of his senior staff to see what they think. Although most of them know less about marketing than my dog. You see everyone THINKS they know something about marketing the same way everyone THINKS they call better plays than the coach on the field. The truth is 95% of what most people think they know about marketing is wrong!

Truth hurts…

But for better or worse, here’s my alternative pitch for those who want REAL results from their marketing:

We don’t collaborate with you, and your team. Nor do we constantly asking for your input or their opinion – Sure we will work with you and your people to execute, but not to create the campaign. Why? Because no one on your team knows more about sales and marketing than we do. Creative collaboration with people who do not understand the hundreds of nuances involved in effective marketing (ie. changing things to the way they like them or copying your competitors) decreases results dramatically! We are the experts, that’s why smart people hire us, and don’t meddle in the creative process or in the tactics we choose to use.

We don’t blind you with bullshit and tell you that a new app, social media campaign or shiny new object is the answer to everything – Because it’s not. Great marketing, like superior performance in all sports or business starts with excellent basics.

We don’t talk about brand, impressions or click throughs – We are only interested in getting you more business, customers, money and results!

We have never won any awards and we don’t care – What we have done is worked with over 3,000 partners, in 21 different countries, authored more than a dozen bestselling marketing books and delivered superior returns for our partners across the globe.

We don’t have clients – Instead we have partners. People we can talk to honestly and openly who will be as accountable to us for their performance as we are to them. Which is why we don’t work with many people, because most people just want to wave a magic wand to make things better. Sadly, Harry Potter is not working in the ad industry. The good news is we are, the creativity and real-world experience Legendary Marketing brings to the table is the next best thing.

For real…

But instead of wasting your time and mine – Chatting, emailing, texting or asking for referrals grab your FREE copy of my book, The Great Marketing Con, and see if what I say makes sense to you. I guarantee it will.

If the book makes sense, you can call me direct @ 1-352-266-2099, I still answer my own phone, seven days a week, more or less, 365 days a year. Novel that you can reach the big guy more or less anytime, eh?

Before you call for life is short: To save wasting your valuable time and mine, you need to answer two questions:

1. What is your goal? The answer needs to be a number, money, customers, market share, leads, sales, etc, but just a number, nothing else.

2. What is your marketing budget? Once again, the answer needs to be a number. Not, “We don’t care what it costs if it works. We haven’t decided yet or you tell me?” In 23 years of marketing at an exceptionally high level none of those three answers has ever resulted in a successful relationship. Tell me what you want, and what you are willing to spend, it may be doable it may not, either way I’ll let you know.

If we get that far …. Please don’t bother asking me “What industries have you worked in?” Because I could reel off twenty or more we know intimately, but it really doesn’t matter. Some of our greatest successes have come from businesses we knew nothing about going in. Very often the best creative ideas come from outside your industry looking at it with fresh eyes.

And don’t bother asking me “Do you have references?” Of course, we do, but asking me to cherry pick three people who love us for you to call, proves nothing. Go do your own research, read some of my other books or check my unsolicited references on LinkedIn. If you are not convinced, then you never will be.

I hope you are still with me, 99% of people won’t be. Most will be thinking to themselves I don’t want to do business with arrogant narcissist who calls himself a Marketing Legend and wants me to be accountable to him as well as him to me. That’s perfectly OK, that’s what truly great marketing does, it separates the bad prospects, the times wasters and tire kickers from the buyers. It only speaks to the right people. Perhaps people like you, who would make a great partner, and enjoy Legendary results for your business!

Andrew Wood
Marketing Legend


You cannot write and sell over one million dollars of sales and marketing books, packed full of successful examples from our own Legendary campaigns without knowing what you are talking about. It takes 10,000 hours to be an expert it takes 50,000 hours to be a legend!

Don’t forget to get your free copy of my book so you can see how Legendary Marketing is different from other agencies.

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