What Does the Audience Have to Say?

Andrew Wood is a very enjoyable marketing speaker with great information.I think he should be back for the South Section more.We could learn quite a lot on how to do a better job.I really enjoyed him and the way he presents his program.

Bob Kinard

Motivational .... Dynamic ... Real World Experience ... Best motivational entrepreneurial seminars with the most ideas I have attended. Andrew Wood is King! The PGA should use his services more.

Joe Jones

I was blown away by the energetic and informative presentation by Andrew Wood. Andrew is the world's most organized, detail-oriented businessman I have ever seen in action. How can we book him all over the planet?

Barry Fitzpatrick

Andrew Wood's presentation was so dynamic and inspirational I was on my feet applauding him within minutes! I would recommend Mr. Wood to anyone who wants to increase their business.

Julie Degenhard

Andrew Wood's seminar deals with the real world ways to market yourself and your business. In just a few brief statement he opened the audience's eyes to a wealth of ways to grow their business and value their customers. Any PGA Section looking to help their members improve their personal marketing skills needs to hear Andrew's program. This is not theory, it's what really works.

Joe Sciortino

Andrew Wood's marketing seminar was interesting, effective and most importantly tailored to his audience perfectly. After 22 years in the golf business, I went to the seminar with low expectations and left with several fresh, inspirational ideas and messages. I would recommend Andrew highly to any group seeking an enthusiastic motivational speaker.

Jerry Tucker

Andrew Wood is a talented speaker and delivered some excellent information, I have learned some valuable knowledge about marketing myself in today's workplace.

Karl Gross

Inspiring, positive, interesting, educational, worthwhile, enjoyable, and motivating. A ton of information that I can apply not only to my career, but to life.

Rick Sargent, Kissimmee Golf Club

The seminar was dynamic and entertaining, when having this blend in a seminar I can listen better. I have received a lot from this seminar.

Dave Allen, The Trophy Club

Entertaining, motivating, enjoyable, dynamic, creative and thought-provoking.

Bill Belcher

Outstanding presentation! An awakening of successful ideas and concepts easily understood. Ideas and concepts will prove to be valuable to success-driven individuals.

Jim Cocchi, JVC Consulting Services

Today's marketing seminar is a powerful motivational tool anyone can use to elevate their position in business, life and profession. Andrew Wood was captivating, dynamic, entertaining and informative as to what it takes to succeed in any endeavor in life. He provides the ideas and tools to help anyone succeed. He shows how to put the ideas to work and how to continue to succeed.

Greg Sanders, Savannahs Golf Club

Andrew Wood is an exceptional motivational speaker. He knows how to involve his audience for their benefit. I will recommend Andrew's seminars to all professionals regardless of their current position. His ideas for increasing sales and motivating my staff worked flawlessly. I look forward to working with Andrew in future ventures.

Thomas Eayres, Fernandina Beach Golf Club

Informative…interesting...entertaining...easy to understand. Your thinking will be redirected in the right direction.

Dick Ryan, TPC

Motivational, great speaker, very positive and dynamic.

William Woods

Right on the money, makes being successful fall into a logical step-by-step format.

Norm Haglund, Master Golf Corporation

Andrew Wood's seminar was one of the most inspiring, motivational and enjoyable that the PGA has done in quite sometime. The topic “Traits of Champions” has given me insights into what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it and follow through. Thank you, Andrew for a wonderful day.

Chris Eichstaedt, KissimmeeBay C.C.

Well-planned presentation, great use of quotes from well- respected professionals. Entertaining, interesting, factual, funny and sincere. Andrew has a great knowledge of the game of golf and informative stories.

Scott Enck, Glenlakes C.C.

Andrew helped me understand what positive things I have to promote myself. We are on the same goal pattern the total picture. Time Management and planning ahead are some of the many items I will share with my wife and family.

Linzy Clark, Jr., Legacy Golf Club

Excellent speaker, motivational with excellent timing. He opened my eyes to things I know but never put into practice. Andrew shows what to do and how to accomplish it.

John Viera, Mission Inn Resort

Sometimes after being at one position for so long, you need to get “rejuiced” for your position. At the same time you start thinking of “rejuicing” your own personal life, this seminar was well worth my time.

Steve Lundblad

Great personality, extremely entertaining, absolutely great stories and inspirational. He is very knowledgeable of the golf business and has great ideas on how to make the PGA Golf Professional better. It was one of the most entertaining seminars I have attended in long time.

Ned Defanti, PGA Member

I think the whole program will give the motivation to change your direction in life and business.

Tom Hampton, Mount Plymouth Golf Club

Entertaining, flowing, very informative, fun, jam-packed, non-stop facts, attention getting, to the point and very motivational.

Ashley Hayden, University Park C.C.

The Andrew Wood seminar was one of the most useful educational sessions that I have attended as a Golf Professional. His presentation was very organized, entertaining and relative to my life and golf situation. I can honestly say that I will immediately implement many of the ideas and techniques he discussed to help me attain my goals. I can without hesitation recommend his presentation to anyone looking to get somewhere. I plan on attending another of his seminars the next time he is in the area.

David Tomczak, The Practice Tee

This was the most dynamic life directing seminar that I have attended with the PGA. If the PGA is looking for a great source to provide leadership and motivation for its members, then Andrew Wood is the person to present. His information was priceless.

Monty King, Rockledge Country Club

Andrew Wood displayed the following positive attributes in his seminar: Good communicator to audience, dynamic, persuasive, knows his audience and is very charismatic. I feel Andrew is an exceptional individual who shares his traits and passion to succeed in life!

Scott Wyckoff, World Woods Golf Club

Positive Seminar on traits of champions which will develop leadership qualities for myself and staff to improve service in all areas. This also will provide direction in life to set big dreams and make dreams a reality.

Tom Leinberger, Pine Meadows C.C.

Andrew Wood is an extremely charismatic role model for a young entrepreneur like myself. His energy and enthusiasm is motivating and thought-provoking for I'm sure everyone that attends his seminars. I believe that surrounding yourself and associating with the “right” people is paramount to becoming and maintaining success in all areas of life. In my opinion and considering my brief encounter with Andrew, I believe he is one of the “right” people.

Bart Patterson, G.G.P.C.

Today's seminar by Andrew Wood was truly an inspiration to succeed in achieving life-long dreams and goals. I have always know about setting goals and the methods to achieving them but Andrew provided some key information to aid in the completions to these steps. I now feel rejuvenated and motivated, thanks for rekindling the desire.

Ian Shepard, Stoney Brook C.C.

My eyes were opened to my real future and I am motivated to develop a good image from this seminar.

Ray Mack, Renaissance Resort

Informative and Motivational! Don't Waste Time, Do Rather than Don't Do! He looks at the solution rather than the problem.

Derek Morrison, Sugar Mill Woods C.C.

Best educational seminar I have ever attended, he kept it interesting the whole time. His stories are out of sight. I liked it so much I stayed till the end!

Pete Osborn, Rolling Hills G.C.

Andrew Wood is a very interesting and dynamic motivational speaker that encourages the audience to apply. His stories are enlightening and informative, I would recommend him to any group for his skills and abilities.

Doug Feldman, Plantation Bay C.C.

Seminar was challenging, interesting, topical, motivating, especially the parts about thinking “outside of the box.” I enjoyed his taking risks and even encouraging you to “fake it till you make it.” Everything was excellent!

Dan Wood, Senior PGA Tour

This seminar was very interesting, different and motivational. His presentation was funny, serious and with a variety of ideas. He covered a lot of ground with great stories. I like the fact that he connected everything we need to know to improve, motivate and have confidence. It was an excellent session!

Al Kelley

The seminar was very entertaining, the time just flew by. The information was beneficial and the stories were very interesting which made it very enjoyable.

Mark Hersey, Saddlebrook Resort

I enjoyed the dynamic educational seminar on the “Traits of Champions.” Learning that goal setting is only the beginning for the framework of success, I know now that I am on my way. Thank you for your dedication to this very imperative subject matter and arming me with the right tools to achieve anything I desire.

Jerry Couzynse

Well-prepared, simple good basic fundamentals, no phony bologna! Very sincere and motivationally important.

Lawson Mitchell, River Bend Golf Club

The seminar was exciting, motivating, dynamic and Andrew Wood was the best speaker I have ever heard. It was extremely helpful and I will really use this class in my future. Thank you, Andrew Wood!

Randy Kosie, Deer Run C.C.

Enriching reminder of what my goals and dreams are! Now, I can obtain them; the number is key and having desire and motivation.

Clark Creamer, Ocala Golf Club

Andrew's wit and enthusiasm makes us do our job a little more professionally and makes me more serviceable to our members. From time to time we all get caught up in our daily jobs, his thoughts and ideas will make my business better and more innovative.

Dale Brown, Capital City C.C.

The best seminar I've ever attended sponsored by the PGA. Andrew Wood is a fine speaker and very intelligent, you can tell he has done a lot of reading.

Danny Boswell, Hunter's Green G.C.

Informative, interesting, motivational and a confidence building seminar by Andrew Wood.

PK Long, Palisades G.C.

Andrew's seminar was not only informative but the whole day flowed so smoothly, it was over before you knew it. The information gained from this seminar will enable me to better service my members and make our facility one that people will want to return to.

Moe Baranek, Palma Sola Golf Club

Andrew Wood brought out the dreams from my childhood and rekindled a fire and desire for golf and for my teaching. He definitely walks what he talks!

Pete Dunham, Gainesville Golf PracticeCenter

Thank you very much, this is what I needed. The information you gave me was outstanding and I would recommend you to any corporation or organization to motivate their employees to their fullest potential. Your programs are worth 100 times more than the price. I lost focus this past year and you have helped me get back on track. Keep up the great work and call me if you want that lesson.

Rodney Bickwell, The Practice Tee

The seminar was full of some fantastic information that will go along way to helping me improve my career and life. Andrew Wood is highly motivational and is full of some great ideas. I can't wait to apply what I have learned to my job.

Ken Roshaven, The Plantation, Leesburg

Andrew Wood gave me some great information on how I can make my website work to increase the revenue at Hilaman Park and my personal income as well.

Bill Zimmerman, HilamanPark GC, Tallahassee

Thanks for a very informative and enlightening seminar. I enjoyed the day; we need more of this type of CEU.

Dale Wiggins

I have enjoyed my second day at one of Andrew Wood's programs and I look forward to more.

Jeff MacDonald

Great Seminar! Very informative…Well worth the time. Keep Andrew Wood doing seminars for the PGA.

Scott Wyckoff, World Woods

Andrew…Thank you! Very Interesting.

Robert Jacobs

I thought Andrew's Seminar was very informative and educational. I was very naive to the power of the internet before this meeting, but not now.

Brad McDonald

Your program was incredibly helpful as well as entertaining. I look forward to reading your book. I'm very interested in having you visit our club and reviewing our current Marketing Plan. Thanks for a wonderful day.

Walter Smith, Gainesville

We had a great informative seminar which everyone should attend. This really opened my mind and eyes to the possibilities available on the internet and marketing using the internet.

Mark Cole, Director of Golf Pelican Bay CC

I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. I am excited about the possibilities that exist as a result of the knowledge Andrew gave us. It was very informative and worth the four hour drive.

Tom Speicher

This was an exceptional educational seminar, lively and entertaining. Well worth the time and expense.

Mike Clary

This was an informative seminar that shows me how little I know about websites and E-Commerce. I would like to know more. Andrew is very good at this and we certainly could use more information from him.

Damon Zassenbroker

Very interesting seminar….I learned a great deal about websites and E-Commerce. Hope to see Mr. Wood again.

Peter M. Dennis

Great Stuff! Best seminar I've ever been to.

D. Scott

Great seminar, good stuff. I plan to implement the information by creating a website and selling the three books I have written.

Mark R. Rivard

The best seminar I have attended in years. I hope we have the opportunity to hear Andrew Wood speak again soon.

Linda Mandros

Very good, motivating and informative speaker. Obviously well-prepared he is a successful professional.

Clark, Ocala Golf Club

Mr. Andrew Wood was a very good speaker. Plus, he opened your mind up to today's business.

David Hazel

Lots of great info, very technical yet related to golfers well.

Ashley Hayden

Andrew Wood is an excellent speaker and I learned a lot from his seminar. I feel confident in what he taught me about how to market myself better. I can't wait to get started. I will be calling on you for help.

Craig Knight

I thought this was the most educational seminar I've been to in a long time. It taught me a lot about what I don't know.

Tom Doozan, Owner, Apollo Beach GC

Andrew Wood was great! He knows his stuff, and can communicate effectively. A true value!

Howard Wallace, Owner, Meadowbrook CC

Andrew Wood = excellent speaker
Superb content on website design
Better info on driving traffic to website
I need help designing an idea to promote myself

Todd Boark

The presentation was very good. It was a positive experience and gave me some really good ideas!

Jim Garrison, Head Golf Pro, Temple Terrace Country Club

It was a very good presentation and Andrew was very energetic and kept the presentation moving at a steady pace!

Gavin Darbyshire, Manager, Sara Bay Country Club

One of the greatest things I learned from Andrew's presentation was not being afraid to change!

Jason Hofner, PGA Pro, Whispering Oaks Country Club

The presentation was very entertaining and I received a lot of useful information.

Steve Purviance, General Manager, Crescent Oaks Country Club

Andrew had some great marketing ideas.

Shawn McCormick, Head Pro, Lexington Oaks Golf Club

Andrew incorporates inspiring stories and ideas in his presentation.

Tim Lewis, PGA Pro, Windermere Golf Center

There was nothing I didn't like about the presentation.

Stephen Roach, Head Golf Pro, Lansbrook Golf Club

The presentation taught me ways to make more money as a golf instructor!

Kent Sasher, PGA Golf Instructor, The Golf Professor Inc.

I know nothing about data but Andrew's presentation encouraged me to learn more.

Douglas Mochrie, Golf Instructor, Sunrise Golf Course

I learned how to better sell me and my club!

Carl James, Golf Pro, Heritage Pines Country Club

It was nice to have exposure to a qualified speaker.

Jeff Hindurm, Director of Sales, Tampa Sports Authority

The presentation gave me a whole new way of thinking.

Ken Sims, Director of Marketing, Tampa Sports Authority

I could have listened for hours! I have a renewed passion for marketing my business!

Derek Highley, Head Golf Pro, Hernando Oaks Golf and Country Club

Andrew was not only informative but he was funny too!

Bill Buttner, Golf Coach, Eckerd College

The single greatest benefit I got from the presentation was the belief that marketing really does work!

Kevin Kenny, Teaching Pro, Cheval

The pace of the presentation was perfect. It was comedic and informative.

Robert  Cherry, Head Golf Pro, Baytree National Golf

I loved how interactive the presentation was.

Keith Swindel, Golf Pro, Pell Golf

Andrew has a superior knowledge of marketing.

Matthew Cote, Head Golf Pro, Timber Coreens Country Club

Andrew supplied us with great marketing tools.

Daven King, Head Pro, Sara Bay Country Club

Andrew has style; he gave me a whole new perspective.

Bill Neal, Head Golf Pro, Pelican Pointe

Andrew helps to open your mind and he challenges you.

Randy Jones, Unique Towels and Accessories

Andrew peaked my interest in marketing and opened my eyes to new ideas.

Roger Marcellus, Director of Golf, Portn Malabar C.C

The presentation taught us to not sell ourselves short!

James King, Director of Golf, Bayou Club

Opened my eyes to new ways of marketing my club and myself!

Doug Brown, Head Golf Pro, Bayou Club

Andrew has an outstanding knowledge of marketing!

Eddie Frye, Director of Golf, Grenelefe Golf & Tennis

Andrew has the answer!

William Keller, Head Pro, Magnolia Valley G.C.

I had all the pieces of the puzzle; Andrew taught me how to put them all together.

Kory Atkinson, General Manager, Baytree National Golf Links

Time flew by!

David Stewart, Golf Pro, Fox Hollow GC

All individuals should attend one of Andrew's Seminars!

David Bradley, Golf Pro, Heritage Springs GC

Andrew's presentation is professional and fun.

Josh Lesnik, President, KSM

I give it a 10.

David Bright, General Manager, St. Andrew's

I learned how to build loyalty with members through communication.

Jimmy Headrick, PGA Pro, PGA- Eastover

“The Legendary Marketing Bootcamp was by far, the most incredible marketing lesson I've ever had.  Andrew's insight of the golf business was exceptional.  Thinking outside the box is a great way to measure my current advertising and promotional dollars.  If you have questions and are looking for some incredible new ways to market your golf facility, Andrew Wood and Legendary Marketing is your answer.”

Dan Sutton, Eagles Landing

“Brilliant… What I thought I knew- Andrew kindly corrected.  His systems are designed for those of us who are hungry for success.  I'm not full Andrew, Give me more!”

Craig Prescher, Mount Frontenac

“Andrew offers hope to an industry in crisis, illustrating simple marketing concepts that can be used by anyone to generate more sales.  Should be mandatory for all PGA members. The best real world education available.”

Hunt Crosby, The Beach Club Golf Links

“Andrew wood could talk a hungry dog off a meat wagon”

Charles Raulerson, Country Club of Orange Park

“Andrew Wood creates an environment which causes ideas to flow”

Jeff Smith

“Learned how to save time by marketing to my specific market”

Cory Thomas

“Every marketing approach will be based around Legendary Marketing—It's simply Legendary!”

Michael Todd, Stone Tree

“Learned a lot more than expected, great presentation.  It opened my eyes to how much we do wrong”

Dennis Walters Jr.

“After being in the club business for 15 years, I thought I knew everything.  Andrew Wood opened my eyes.”

Donna Myers

“Andrew Wood was not only informative, but passionate about his company, Legendary Marketing, and confident in their knowledge that their system will work.”

Lacey A Stryker

“Andrew's seminar has instilled hope that we may actually see measurable results from our marketing efforts”

Brian Kruhlak

“Andrew Wood has enabled me to use knowledge from the Legendary Marketing Bootcamp to all aspects of the resort!”

Killy Fornelli

“Andrew's presentation and simplicity in understanding the true principles of golf marketing is something that any professional in the golf industry should be exposed to in order to better equip their business in a continuing competitive industry.”

Jeff Wilson

“Very Informative, Knows his market, Well worth time and money, Trained Staff, Well run and presented, Light humor and hard work, Kept my interest, I will encourage others to attend.”

Peter Scopa

"I really wish that I could be a marketing expert like Andrew Wood, I would be retired, rich and sitting pretty at some island resort. Best marketing seminar I've ever been too. Wish it wasn't over!"

Jack Walsh

The Andrew Wood Seminar was the most dynamic, informative and creative seminar I have ever attended. Because of the seminar, I will put a multiple amount of ideas to work in my own business. The PGA of America should secure Andrew for the next decade because of his wealth of knowledge. Increasing your business is Andrew's business.

Glenn Zito, Meadows C.C.

Andrew Wood's seminar was very informative. His use of personal contact letters and cards will be useful to my teaching and promotional career.“Top Notch”. He IS the marketing expert!

Chris Moore, Halifax Plantation

Andrew Wood's Seminar was instrumental in bringing out the creative and hidden talent that I have always had but never used. His ideas were imaginative and constructive at the same time they were simple to follow through on.

Mark Wickham

Today I had the pleasure to enjoy one of the most stimulating seminars that I've ever been to. The marketing speaker Andrew Wood spoke on the “Marketing the Golf Professional in the 21st Century, his ideas and technique shared were fresh, innovative and exceptionally imaginative. The program was very well received by the entire group. I would not hesitate to attend any other seminar that Mr. Wood hosts.

Chris Eichstaedt, Kissimmee Bay C.C.

In a stimulating seminar, Andrew Wood captivated a business stimulus that developed a new attitude toward my career. His riveting energy creates a new perspective for the golf business.

Mark Trotter, Meadows C.C.

Andrew Wood conducts a powerful marketing seminar regarding career self-evaluation and dynamic direction. His speaking techniques and content will inspire anyone.

Richard Martinez, Grand Cypress Resort

Being at Andrew Wood's seminar has been captivating with powerful life changing ideas and full of fresh messages that make things interesting and exciting!

Jeff McDonald, Southern Woods Golf Club

Andrew Wood's seminar is rewarding across the board. His dynamic presentation is both inspirational and completely on a basic, informative level. His expertise should be shared and demonstrated on a daily basis from both a business as well as individual point of view.

Mitch Linton, Pine Lakes Golf Club

Thanks to Andrew Wood's teachings during the recent NF. PGA educational seminar, I anticipate elevating my members perception of me and my club. This in return will bring me added employee security and income. I strongly recommend his services.

Garvin Darbyshire, Sarasota Bay C.C.

The Andrew Wood seminar on “Marketing the Golf Professional in the 21st Century,” was the most informative seminar that I've been to since joining the PGA of America. The motivational on top of the material learned was so beneficial. I got the feeling that I just could not wait to get back to my job and experience the techniques that I learned on my membership.

David VenVertloh, San Jose C.C.

Andrew has instilled an awareness of how to re-focus on myself. He instills confidence in my mind set, to improve my skills and go above and beyond the normal routine. Andrew is vivacious in his delivery and with his message I can better sell myself. He taught me how to create raving fans with ideas to increase customer satisfaction.

Ray Barr, Jr., Killearn C.C.

Andrew Wood is a very dynamic and uplifting marketing speaker who keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to learn more.

Steve Waggoner, Aquarina C.C.

Andrew Wood's seminar has been a tremendously vision- provoking experience. His has the ability to immediately establish a rapport with you individually, though in a group setting and was very refreshing.

Doug Feldman

Mr. Wood is entertaining and infectious in his message to PGA Golf Professionals. The use of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” is a fascinating twist on a seminar about “Marketing the Golf Professional in the 21st Century.” Four hours and twenty-two minutes into the seminar there were at least 2-3 suggestions I would definitely adopt and several more “slam dunk” suggestions continued throughout the seminar. Six months hence, I am positive that Mr. Wood's suggestions will achieve the promise of his “unique selling proposition”and “Increasing your business is my business.”

Jerry Reymond, Plantation Bay C.C.

Andrew Wood has offered many good marketing suggestions. He is a dynamic speaker and very entertaining. I hope I can put to use the skills I've learned today.

Charlaine Tatz

Andrew is the most outgoing, energetic and dynamic speaker that I have ever seen or heard. He is the best the PGA has ever hired.

Doug Crenshaw, Simductive Golf Instruction

A dynamic presentation that validated and added to our company's marketing efforts.

Joseph Hallett, Black Bear C.C.

A valuable day of insightful strategies to help self-market my career objectives, a real pleasure.

Ed Campbell

The seminar was by far the most comprehensive and informative presentation. Andrew has a dynamic presentation style, packed with original stories that I'm sure will keep his message fresh long after. He seems to be an expert on multiple topics and keeps the audience involved; it was an exciting presentation.

Mike Floyd, Guaranteed Golf Time

Andrew Wood's seminar is awe-inspiring, informative and creative. His energetic approach reaches out to everyone with the presentation of examples and ideas that are unique, yet insightful.

Tim Giger, Poinciana Golf & Resort

Andrew Wood's dynamic presentation gave me numerous ideas on how to improve myself and my staff's performance.

Mike Boss, Riviera C.C.

Powerful speaker, energizing, thought-provoking and entertaining. The best seminar I have ever seen; he is a must see speaker. I would spend 10 X's more for this seminar; it has changed my life. It was the best experience I have ever had.

Rick Waltman, Mangrove Bay Golf Course

Andrew Wood's seminar gave me a new perspective about my job and my life. He was interested and interesting, insightful and thought-provoking. I found myself interested in utilizing the new skills as soon as possible. He helped me distill actions I now see as unnecessary.

Daniel Clark, The Lakes Golf Club

I was thoroughly impressed with Andrew Wood; his style, while entertaining, was extremely informative. I strongly recommend his seminar to anyone who wishes to improve themselves, their business operation and their value to their employer.

Hank Davis

Andrew Wood's seminar was very dynamic because he created an atmosphere of shared knowledge among participants. I appreciated his views on perceptions vs. reality. His ideas will work if I follow through!

Richard Hinton, Different Strokes Golf Center

Informative...Creative Ideas...Dynamic.

Charles Hackett, Whispering Oaks Golf & Country Club

This seminar was very good for learning how to market yourself as a golf professional. Andrew Wood is a very good speaker who kept us involved in his presentation.

Bob Greenhalgh, Hidden Lake Golf Club

Attending Andrew Wood's seminar was one of the best thought-provoking seminars I have ever attended. Andrew is dynamic in his presentation of his proven ideas. He should be asked back by the PGA for a required must see seminar.

Greg Bacon, Palatka Municipal Golf Club

I attended Mr. Wood's seminar sponsored by the North Florida PGA. Rarely have I experienced a demonstration of such thought-provoking material. His energy captivated my imagination and attention to such an extent that breaking for lunch or coffee was not welcomed. Mr. Wood should be made available for future educational opportunities in the section and nationwide.

John Cameron, Jr., Spruce Creek C.C.

Andrew Wood really opened up my eyes to new ways of increasing my revenue.

Bruce McLean, Professional Golf Range

Andrew Wood's seminar was stimulating, to the point and entertaining. His concepts were cutting edge and will prove beneficial to myself and my club.

Steve Senesi, Monarch Golf Club at Royal Highlands

The Andrew Wood seminar has been a very rewarding learning experience. He has given me many useful ideas to make my job and my members golf experience better. His manner is very good, his method is outstanding.  I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew Wood's seminar for the entire PGA of America. Thank you, Andrew Wood!

Petro Dennis, The Links Golf Club

Andrew Wood's program was very insightful.He has many good ideas on how to sell yourself and get ahead in business. His idea on providing an annual report to the powers that be, can only improve your stature within your own business. He holds an audience captive and can convince even the hard skeptic that his ideas hold merit. Kudos to Andrew!

Tom Eayres, Fernandina Beach Golf Club

The seminar I attended by Andrew Wood was most informative and rewarding. I feel that his insight has provided me with the tools and skills to be the consummate professional.

John Vickers, Fernandina Beach Golf Club

Attending the Andrew Wood seminar was a great experience. It made me aware of the simple things we can do to please our members and make ourselves better professionals. It was very informative and made me see how doing the simple things can make a big difference. I found it extremely motivating and look to putting his ideas into practice.

Michael Benjamin, Fernandina Beach, G. C.

Andrew has been a delight. I feel like I have had the privilege of meeting an offspring of a very strict disciple of the late great P.T. Barnum. Everybody should see and hear this dynamic man.

Donald J. Donohue, III, Cypress Knoll C.C.

Mr. Andrew Wood presents a program aimed at your inner values in such a way to generate more self -steem and personal wealth. His entertaining approach to increase customer awareness coupled with continuous follow-up procedures is bound to increase the value of any individual in the service business.

Chuck Kandt, Matanzas Woods Golf Club

Three weeks ago I received a flyer from the section concerning an educational seminar; it was a standard form but just a little different. Instead of just listing a topic it told a story of success and how I could be more successful. I liked it and signed up for it with great expectations. Halfway through the seminar I realized that my expectations were far from low.

Vince Cali,Winter Pines Golf Club

Andrew Wood's enthusiasm was overwhelming, he can see beyond the present. He is focused on the future and he really means it, that "Increasing your business is my business.

John M. Vicker, Country Club of Sebring

Dynamic speaker with interesting ideas on how to improve performance.

Tom Dyer

Andrew Wood has provided an enlightening experience into the marketing of the PGA Professional. The information is both practical and useful to all PGA Professionals. I highly recommend him as an inspirational speaker to any organization.

Daniel Miller

Andrew Wood's dynamic personality, his sense of striving to continue to always improve one's self are all great ingredients for any Golf Professional to learn. His knowledge and experience in motivational and marketing techniques are invaluable.

Jeff Wilson

Andrew Wood has presented simple ideas on how to make our members realize our importance to them. He has the knowledge to help the PGA remain the signature name in golf going into the next century. I now have solutions to problems, where before I only had excuses.

Robert Kelly

Andrew Wood's "Marketing Yourself" seminar, May 11,1998 was very enlightening to myself and my fellow PGA Professionals.He inspired me in many ways, I never thought of!

Mike Cotela

Andrew Wood delivered hundreds of useful techniques to market yourself effectively to your members and their guests.Andrew has the real world experience needed to help any organization improve.You need to hire Andrew Wood to help you make more money.

Tom Wildenhaus, South Florida PGA, Education Chairman

Andrew tells you how to use the information given and how it will benefit in the "real world." I liked the presentation and I think both of the golf companies I represent could both use his expertise.

Pete Byman Sales Representative

The PGA should hire Andrew Wood for more meetings.He was a big help and positive all the way!

Buzz Garvin

Motivational Awesome .... Cool ... Crazy (good crazy) He's the man!

Rich Luchini

He is a motivational individual who shows us real world experience.He is an asset to any educational program. He teaches important aspects on selling yourself. He is an energetic and enthusiastic man who makes the seminar interesting and exciting.

Jason Blanchard

Best seminar ever, DOUBLE HIS FEE! Creative and Motivational.

Paul Ryiz

Andrew Wood is a product of the 90's, he convinces people that they are worth something.

Rick Wiebe

I have really enjoyed the seminar put on by Andrew Wood.The ideas and energy he has imparted will be invaluable to my future.The PGA of America would be smart to include this in the GPTP Program.

Dave Cunliffe

Mr. Andrew Wood was one of the best speakers I have had the privilege of listening to. He gave me many excellent suggestions on how to improve my marketing skills as well as my overall presentation. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend his seminars.

Sean McDermott

Some very original ideas on marketing ones' self. Many will help me shape my own personal business.

Michael McNeal

I would recommend Andrew Wood's seminar on "Marketing the Golf Professional," to everyone. It will definitely help anyone improve their marketability in any endeavor they pursue.

Enie Hanewinckle

I found Andrew Wood to be informative, entertaining, motivational and sincere in his presentation on " Marketing the PGA Professional." I can't wait to implement the ideas he has given me to enhance my reputation. I recommend that all business people seeking the tools to better market themselves acquire the services of Mr. Andrew Wood. He is terrific!

Daniel Hager

I would like recommend Andrew Wood to speak at more seminars for the PGA of America. He has given me more insight to how to market myself to my clients.I plan on using these ideas as soon as possible.

Rob Herron

Andrew Wood is a very good motivational speaker. His ideas are unique and very usable for the golf professional. The PGA of America would do well to hire him more often.

Dale Brady

Andrew Wood is a motivational speaker who is interesting and exciting. I would recommend him to anybody that is looking for a speaker. I am really impressed with Mr. Wood's ability to market himself and his business. It is amazing that he is a self-made millionaire.

Tim Hepler

Mr. Wood has great ability to come across to his listeners on a down-to-earth level. His insights are easily related to everyday experiences.

Wendell Dix

This is the first time I've really become involved in a seminar other than teaching and playing.He has an excellent grasp of what my business is about and how to deal with the people I'm employed by. I came away with numerous ideas on how I can promote myself to my members.

Larry Craig, Quail Creek C.C.

Mr. Wood reminded me that there is more to my job than just the paperwork.He offered numerous ideas in the seminar that I can use.He was both informative and exciting.

Bob Macmillan

I found Andrew Wood's seminar on "Marketing the PGA Professional" to be both informative and mind stimulating.His ideas and techniques on promoting oneself to his/her club/community make perfect sense and will enhance any PGA member's job.Andrew's encouragement for creative thinking in the golf business pinpoints a critical need for golf professionals to understand and develop skills in marketing that will surely advance their career.

Tom Hilliard

I think that the PGA should consider hiring Andrew Wood to speak at all the sections.He has many fresh ideas and he is a dynamic speaker.He keeps the audience's attention and has many very good ideas.His background has provide him with real life opportunities that he is willing to share.I have been to several seminars throughout the years and I enjoyed this presentation more than any I can remember.

Tom McClurg

Andrew provided tons of info!

Tony Bishop, Manager, Nevada Bobs

Now I know how to market myself more effectively.

Craig Gibson, Head Golf Pro, Beau Cheneb C.C.

Many valuable ideas that I can use tomorrow!

Chris Butler, PGA Pro

He gave me confidence in my own ability.

Mike McGreene, Golf Pro, Covington C.C.

His topics fit any type of marketing needs.

Rob McBraw, Head Pro, Briarwood C.C.

Andrew was always open to questions and had many relevant examples.

Jeff Jennings, Golf pro, Urgent Golf Center

My club has a chance!

David Lee, Head Golf pro, Windance C.C.

This is the best seminar I've ever attended!

Floyd Hannis, Teaching Pro, PGA Great Southern

Andrew made me realize that the sky is the limit in the golf business!

Patrick McCann, Golf Pro, Great Southern

There was casual two-way communications. He gave me ideas to generate more revenue for my facility AND myself.

Chris Altese, Director of Golf, The Bridges G.C. at Casino Magic

Andrew is the very best in Marketing!

Ernest Ross, Head Pro, Country Club of Jackson

It was fun; he did an excellent job keeping our attention!

Ed Selser, Head Pro, Timberlane Country Club

He gave me strategies and tools to take with me! He taught me to ask for what I'm worth!

Derek Smith, Director of Golf, Mallard Cove G.C.

I learned I need to be aggressive and be different.

Thomas Weeks, Golf Pro

Andrew is very creative and has innovative ideas. Everyone enjoyed their time with him. 

John Davis, Head Pro, The Bridges Golf Club

Anyone involved in the golf business should attend this program.

Jerry Covich, Assistant Golf Pro, The Oaks Golf Club

This presentation was an eye-opener.

Kenny Hughes Jr, General Manager, Shell Landing G.C.

“ took 5 pages of notes! It was great!

Emily Hanchar, Head Golf Pro, The University Club

Your material is really needed in today's business climate.

Ernest Ross, PGA Pro

Andrew is excellent in conyeing information to students!

Derek Smith, Director of Golf,  Mallard Cove G.C.

He has a spirit that is contagious!

Mike Landeil

Andrew is a tremendous speaker who motivates with laughter and challenges you to excel.

Brad Hanell

He is a very lively speaker with great ideas and keeps the audience alive and attentive.

Ernest Ross, PGA Pro

His marketing ideas are incredible, dynamic and motivational.

Adam Grenville, Golf Pro, Pine Creek G.C

I spent one week in Orlando for a PGA Seminar, Andrew has taught me more in 3 hours than they did in 20 hours.

Chris Burkstiller, PGA Pro

With Andrew the glass is always ½ full.

David Bright, General Manager, St.Andrew's

Andrew did a good job of communicating to EVERY person, not just a few. I was impressed because he revealed some ideas that touched home.

Robbie Welsh

He has a fresh approach and is clear and easy to follow.

Michael Burke

Well-groomed, well-dressed, well-spoken, the epitome of success!

Jerry Covich, Assistant Golf Pro, The Oaks Golf Club

Andrew gave us tons of ideas without sounding like an infomercial!

Robyn Justin, PGA Head Golf Pro, Albita Springs GC

Andrew was very informative, right on the money!

Adam Grenville, Golf Pro, Pine Creek G.C.

“Teaches you to fish where the fish are”

Jeff MacLennan

“Andrew gives you real world examples that leave you convinced beyond a doubt that his system will work for you.”

Kirk Smith

“Legendary Marketing is by far the most results oriented marketing program ever.  They have transformed our business for success.”

Joe Kruse

“Andrew Wood has new & different types of marketing-to a specific niche of golfers.”

Nick Whitaker

“A fantastic experience, really opens your eyes.  Andrew made it interesting and easy to follow.”

Jerry McCrory

“I would recommend this seminar to anyone who is serious about generating sales and increasing profits.”

Ben Smith

“Andrew Wood is to marketing what Jay Leno is to Late Night Television”

Gary Wilkins

“Any money you invest with Andrew and his team will come back to your business exponentially!”

James Cronk

“Using Andrew Wood's systematic approach, I'll blow away my competition.  I hope no one else in my area finds out about Legendary Marketing”

Mark Miller

“Tracking data is vital to your business”

Kenric Jameison

“Andrew Wood gives you exactly what you need to succeed”

Jerry Moore

“Want to make more money in marketing? Talk to Andrew Wood!”

Randy Shannon

“I've learned so much from the Golf Marketing Bootcamp, there is no question our business will double.  Just in case it doesn't, we will be able to fall back on the Karate business.”

Tim Gardner

“Andrew Wood moved me into the 21st Century of Golf Course Marketing”

Tom Healy

“The Legendary Marketing Bootcamp was fantastic! The material went from beginner to advanced and used several types of learning strategies for the wide array of participants”

Lara Freeman

“USP-USP-USP-Don't have it?-Get one! This is the most important message Andrew teaches.”

Brooke Lowrence

“Andrew Wood is not just a golf marketing professor, he is the dean of the society!”

Alex MacLauchlan