Turbo Charge Your Website’s Traffic With Legendary SEO Marketing!

          Building a great website is the first step in an effective online golf marketing strategy. The second and most important step is driving traffic! Lots of traffic, so you can use your website effectively to collect data, generate leads and make sales. 

          Traffic is usually driven by spending money on traditional advertising, like print, radio or direct mail. Or in other cases, significant and highly targeted traffic, (people looking right now, for the product and service you sell), can be derived through Search Engine Optimization or pay per click.

          While there are many basic things we can do to help your website’s organic rankings the truth of the matter is, keeping consistently high rankings is now a full time, highly specialized job! The more words you want ranked highly, the more time and knowledge it takes! Getting top rankings for competitive words is not always easy, but the pay off can be huge when your website traffic suddenly increases 500%, 1,000% and even 3,000% in the space of a few weeks! 

Our Service Includes:

  • Keyword and Key-Phrase Analysis
  • Comprehensive Site Review
  • Competition Analysis
  • Choosing a Domain Name
  • Offsite and Onsite Linking Analysis
  • Page Copy Review
  • META Tag Building
  • Site Map
  • Directory Submissions
  • Ongoing Service

          During your SEO relationship with Legendary we will ensure that we are actively monitoring your site and you will receive a detailed monthly report of your page rank results. 

          To learn more about dramatically increasing your site’s traffic through SEO, call 800-827-1663 and ask for our SEO Legend, John Eidukot or Click Here to contact us.