The Fastest Way to Increase Your Revenue
is to Train Your Staff to Sell!

Marketing Generates Leads, Sales Make You Money!

Golf Staff Sales Training          Very few ad agencies get involved in sales, it scares them! At Legendary Marketing it’s the
place we love to start. After all what’s the point of generating hundreds of leads when they quickly fall through the cracks for lack of sales systems? or vanish completely for want of sales training!

          When your phone rings how well trained are your people, to sell, cross-sell, up-sell and generate referrals? This is the missing link in most marketing campaigns that often sabotages the effort. At some point, your campaign’s success or failure depends on your staff’s ability to make sales and close deals.

Sales Are In Our DNA!

          It’s another unique part of Legendary Marketing’s DNA is that sales are in our blood. We know that the best campaign in the world can fail without the backend sales systems and training in place to maximize their potential! Even a small improvement in how your staff answers the phone or handles an objection can have a massive impact on your bottom line. 

Legendary Marketing will work with you to develop a custom sales training system including:

  • Custom sales tracking and follow up systems 
  • Custom sales manuals
  • Sales scripts
  • On site and on phone training
  • Books, audios and videos

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