Golf Course Social Media Success
Engage + Educate + Entertain = Profit!

Golf Social Media          While everyone is jumping on the social media bandwagon few golf marketing companies actually know how to convert social capital into real revenue for golf courses. The process starts by quickly building your fans and followers using custom landing pages with sweepstakes, contests, coupons, freebies and paid media to drive traffic and take your promotion viral.

          Connect With Customers

          As your numbers grow Legendary Marketing will connect with your followers by producing custom Facebook, Twitter and blog content designed to engage, educate and entertain them. For only when you accomplish that, can you go to the next stage, sales.

          Turning Your Social Media Into Actual Revenue For Your Golf Course

          The missing link in most social media programs is converting fans and followers into tangible revenue. Legendary Marketing has a great track record in accomplishing just that! After engaging, educating, and entertaining your followers with our carefully crafted content we will weave your sales message into the mix and generate real revenue for your efforts! This Legendary formula of social engagement and sales has been generating spectacular results for our clients.


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