Legendary Broadcast - Audio, Radio, Video & TV

 Golf Marketing Video Production         From audio programs that drive sales, to commercials, sales tours, infomercials and viral videos that take your brand global, the Legendary A/V team delivers.

The Road to Audio Sales Success

          Over the last few years one of our secret weapons has been audio CD’s. Where else can you talk to a qualified prospect, uninterrupted for 15-20 minutes in the comfort of their car? Let us handle the scripting, production and packaging and take your sales pitch on the road to success!

Crank Up the Radio Leads

          The explosion of the internet has given something of a rebirth to radio. In addition to writing and producing spots, when appropriate, we even coordinate and negotiate trades for our clients to save in-house cash! Radio makes the phone ring, increases walk-ins and drives traffic to your website immediately!

Fast Forward Revenue with TV/Video

          If DVD product pitches, TV spots, infomercials or your own show are part of your plans, Legendary has the people you need to pull off network quality programs and handles everything from concept to post production. Product showcases, interviews and comedy all deliver long-lasting reminders of your company and provide great content for your website, emails and social media. 

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