Legendary Case History

          Legendary Marketing has assembled a world-class team of golf marketing professionals that enable us to provide "Legendary" results for our partners. We have had many successes over the years, but here are a select few of some of our greatest success stories.

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A Legendary, Two Million Dollar Turn Around,
At Michigan’s Most Spectacular Resort, Treetops!

          Michigan’s economic woes are well documented. Many of the state’s resorts have been victim to the crash of the auto industry and Treetops was surely one of them. Enter a new CEO, Barry Owens, a new advertising agency, Legendary Marketing and a new energy to put the once fabled resort, boasting 81 holes of spectacular golf, back on top.

          The brand strategy developed by Legendary was built around the amazing views that the property boasts and summed up as “Michigan’s Most Spectacular Resort” A new website focused on data collection and built a huge email list of over 60,000 players in a matter of months while their social presence went from zero to over 6,000 Facebook fans. Direct mail campaigns effectively targeted group golfers , while the limited use of print ads reinforced the new message. Incremental revenue was supplemented with third party applications like Groupon and through the online sale of gift certificates. To capitalize on all the new leads a Legendary initiated sales training across the board. With the golf season done, attention was turned to winter marketing and a strong family presence was built on Facebook for skiing, sledding, tubing and snowmobiling. 

Legendary Marketing:

  • Built a new website and database of 60,000 golfers
  • Social media strategy generated 6,000 fans 
  • Developed email campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Magazine
  • Develop sales scripts & training
  • Sales letters
  • Print ads
  • Search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns

“The bottom line results have been amazing, with total revenue up over two million dollars” said CEO, Barry Owens

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Legendary Results For Legendary Equestrians 
Parelli Natural Horsemanship

          Parelli, already an established brand and the world leader in natural horse training where looking to maximize value from their existing mailing list and Savvy Club continuity program.

Legendary Marketing:

  • Hired and trained a team of six salespeople
  • Develop sales scripts
  • Developed two new higher priced residual income programs
  • Created a 32-page Magalog, Horse Lovers Alert
  • Developed email campaigns
  • A new website
  • Sales letters 
  • Negotiated sponsorships

          The new programs where an instant success, adding over a million dollars a year, in highly profitable residual income. Legendary also brought significant savings in many other areas of the operation with it’s consulting advice.

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Reinventing Pam’s Golf ,Ocean City’s
Leading Golf Vacation Packager

          Pam’s golf was a shadow of its’ former self when a local course owner and OC Golf veteran, Hunt Crosby rescued it from the brink in 2007. With Legendary on board and a passionate team of experienced ladies at the company’s helm we set about to reinvent the brand, starting with “Pam and her friends, (the original Pam, having long since she the vanished.) The twenty something “caddie girls” where a huge hit with the middle aged, male golfers who make up the vast majority of the players.

Legendary Marketing:

  • Developed a new brand and spokesperson, “Pam”
  • New website and built a database of 50,000
  • Social media strategy
  • Viral promotions
  • Email campaigns
  • Videos
  • Brochure
  • 42 page magazine/vacation planner
  • Sales letters

          Results were immediate and we are now enjoying our fourth year with Pam’s once again on top as Ocean City’s leading golf packager despite a poor economy and dramatically increased competition in the market place. The Pam’s campaign simply cuts through the clutter and connects with their core customer!

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Seven Oaks Country Club, 106 New Members in 2011,
128 New Members in 2012, 158 New Members in 2013,
138 New Members in 2014, and 122 New Members
so far in 2015. In This Economy That Is Legendary!

          Seven Oaks Country Club just north of Pittsburgh like many traditional country clubs was struggling to find new members.

Legendary Golf Management:

  • Created and implemented a comprehensive membership game plan that resulted in 106 new members.
  • Hired and trained a new Membership Director to carry out the membership activities
  • Developed and implemented a new website that provides leads weekly for membership, weddings, and golf outings
  • Created and implemented a direct mail letter campaign for golf outing
  • Concepted, created, and implemented a Buyer’s Club for golf members
  • Developed a new wedding concept that pre-qualifies prospects and provides a significant competitive advantage in the club’s market
  • Created a comprehensive business plan for 2012
  • Implemented financial forecasting along with a “checkbook system” to create financial awareness and accountability for all department managers
  • Developed “clubs with the club” to engage, entertain, and educate club members
  • Re-concepted the social programming to create more events and activities as well as daily value in club dining
  • Created performance based compensation/bonus plans for department managers for 2012
  • Developed plans for a comprehensive golf learning center in concert with Golf 2.0. Begins in April 2012

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Glen Erin Golf Club, 24% Increase in revenue since the end of 2013.

When I tell people I grew my revenue 24% in this market, in this state, they simply don't believe me! That's just fine, the bank believes me! If you're interested here's how I did it!

"I started using Dynamic Revenue Services and Legendary Marketing in the spring of 2014. Prior to deciding to bring them on, I found myself in a tough spot. Our club's revenue was about flat the previous three years, things were ok but they weren't great.

I was doing marketing myself, sending out email blasts when I felt they were needed, often times a last minute effort to drum up some business. I recognized the importance of marketing my facility properly - making sure the website was updated and email blasts were effective but I rarely found the time I needed to really focus on those things. We did our best to collect every customer's data, but on a busy day I knew we weren't doing a great job of it. I felt we needed to improve on all of these things, but I just didn't have the time to do it.

I decided to take a bit of a leap and get some help. In comes Dynamic Revenue Services and Legendary Marketing. I had a meeting with Legendary, we discussed what I felt were our needs and we set some goals. Legendary created an entire marketing plan for me; all I had to do was approve it. New top notch website, built. Great looking email blasts, built and scheduled. We actually had a plan and it felt great.

Dynamic Revenue Services provided us a revenue manager. His sole job was to watch our online tee-sheet, and adjust online pricing based on several different demand factors. What I came to find, was that I could get more money in our high demand day parts than I ever thought possible, and I could also help fill the underutilized parts in our tee-sheet by incentivizing the price sensitive customer to play in those times.

These companies work great together. Simply put, Legendary Marketing uses their marketing plans to help drive eyeballs to my golf course inventory, and Dynamic Revenue Services makes sure the inventory is appealing to the customer. The end result has been a 24% increase in revenue since the end of 2013."
Robert J. Vega, PGA
General Manager and Managing Partner Glen Erin Golf Club

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