Golf Marketing Resources

Legendary Benchmarking - Legendary Marketing's free 14-page golf club benchmarking toolkit and get a firm grasp on where your club stands heading into 2020! Fill out the form below to download now!

12 Critical Trends of Golf Management - Trends in golf club management you must embrace to survive and thrive in the coming decade

The 2015 Golf Marketing Checklist - A quick guide to help you maximize your golf marketing in 2015!

The 12 Laws of Golf Marketing - Things that used to work simply don’t anymore. With less people playing golf and more competition discounting their way to oblivion, the savvy golf course operator needs new tools to succeed. Click Here to download a complimentary 15-page, special report.

Viral Golf Marketing e-Book - Increase your Facebook fan base by 300%- 500% using these exciting viral marketing tools and proven online promotions. Click here to quickly download our complimentary Viral Marketing e-Book.

Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine - This complimentary 18-page, special report will instantly help your company dramatically increase your website profits! Click Here to get it now.

12 Laws of Facebook Marketing for Golf Clubs - Facebook is now 50% of many companies marketing plans and for good reason, done right Facebook is a money magnet, but the golf business has been slow to adopt. To make sure you stay up to speed. Click here to download the 12 Laws of Facebook Marketing for Golf Clubs.

How To Dramatically Increase Your Email Delivery and Open Rates - Have you ever wondered why so few people respond to your emails? The simple reason may be that your emails are just not getting through! Click Here to download now.