The ‘BIG IDEA’ That Changes Everything!

Legendary Golf Marketing Ideas          Effective golf marketing is a whole lot more than just producing websites, direct mail and ads. It’s more than branding, social media and making sales calls. First and foremost great marketing, the kind that can change a company’s entire fortune is all about the ‘Big Idea!’ The idea that connects emotionally in the mind of your customer and then goes viral, creating a torrent of new leads and business!

Your ‘Big Idea’ Might Be:

    • The development of a stronger USP, (unique selling proposition). One that cuts through the clutter of your competition, and resonates with new customers in droves.
    • The right combination of value and pricing that creates an irresistible offer generating a ground swell of profitable new leads.
    • A more effective website, copy, script or sales letter that connects emotionally with your customer can have a staggering effect on sales. 
    • A shift in media strategy for old to new or new to old can, with the right idea, also produce astonishing results.  
    • A press story, event, promotion, video or photograph that captivates your customers imagination and quickly goes viral.  
    • Tracking and converting more of your existing leads, through better sales systems and training will always produce instant results 

          Often the very biggest break through, the ones that add six and seven figures to your bottom-line are a combination of BIG Ideas. Creative golf marketing ideas that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, yet become more than the sum of their parts. Like Treetops Resort in Michigan who’s revenues are up over $2,000,000 since hiring Legendary this year.

          You can find and follow the principles of good marketing in many books like our own Cunningly Clever Marketing. You can find a million people to build you a website or design you an ad. What you won’t find in a book or anywhere else is the wealth of creativity, entrepreneurial success and real world experience that can produce legendary ideas just for you. Ideas that will quickly and dramatically increase your business!

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