Legendary Golf Management -
The World’s Only Pay for Performance
Golf Management

No Big Fees in Advance, No Long Term Contracts.
If We Don’t Perform, You Don’t Pay. It’s That Simple!

          What a concept! Legendary Golf Management is the only golf management company willing to accept a major percentage of our fee purely on our performance in helping your club or resort reach its’ goals. It’s the best performance guarantee you will ever get! For over a decade we have been the world’s leader in golf marketing, now we have taken it a step further by adding the sales and management components to an already successful formula!

Superior Sales

          Cash flow, EBIDA, and profits are key factors in the success of any club and they all depend on one thing, unfortunately, the one thing lacking at almost every golf club we visit, lack of sales.  Actually, lack of sales training or sales systems. Fortunately, we have the world’s best sales, membership, outing and event sales training system.

Pay For Performance Success

          When you work on a pay for performance basis it creates a win, win environment for both the club and the golf management company. That’s why we were able to sell 109 new memberships at a Private club in PA, in just seven months. Why we were able to improve the bottom line performance of a mid-sized Michigan resort by $200,000 in just a few months. Why a Florida daily fee beat previous  Q1 results by $74,000. We are proud of our pro-active success stories. While other golf management companies are quoted daily in the industry press about tough times ahead and waiting for things to turn around, we just go out and make it happen.  

For full details of our golf management division please call, Andrew Wood,
direct @ 352-266-2099